New Orleans Pelicans

If we were ranking the least comfortable near futures, the Pelicans could have a stranglehold at the top place.
Possessing an unhappy Anthony Davis around as a part time participant is cringeworthy enough, but really investing him is the tricky part. It’s hard enough for anybody to put a proper asking price within an in-prime, top-five talent. However, if the task falls on an interim general manager (Danny Ferry) or even a new-to-the-job replacement, then the difficulty could rise exponentially.
All that said, the Pelicans could be taking a look at a king’s ransom whenever they pull the trigger. Perhaps that leads them to some prospect like Jayson Tatum, a pile of future draft picks or a blend of both. The future could brighten.
Of course, those novices will be joining a team that is almost starting from scratch. Apart from Davis, just Jrue Holiday, Solomon Hill and E’Twaun Moore have ensured contracts beyond this year. Holiday is a two-way drive, but he could find himself on an island once Davis departs.

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