Structuring the essay:Most essays follow a structure that is similar

Structuring the essay:Most essays follow a structure that is similar

Once you have analysed the question, carried out your initial research and decided on your own tentative place and type of argument, the next thing is to create a initial outline for the essay.

Most essays follow a structure that is similar including an introduction, body paragraphs, and a summary, as shown when you look at the diagram below.

An integral section of this preparation phase is working out of the many rational method to provide your argument and supporting information which means your audience can very quickly follow your thinking. Careful preparation shall assist make sure your argument is presented plainly and convincingly.


TEEL relates to a real means of structuring human body paragraphs, and means:

This really is explained in detail into the composing human anatomy paragraphs element of the guide.

Sample essay outlines

Listed here are two types of essay outlines that have been printed in a reaction to the essay concern: ‘Explain the partnership between authorities police and culture accountability’.

Variation 1 reflects the kind of plans that lots of students produce. It’s ok as a point that is starting nonetheless it has to be further developed. It’s very descriptive, and needs a more powerful argument and much much deeper analysis. Variation 2, having said that, presents an argument that is clear. The contention is stated by it within the introduction, followed closely by a number of supporting points which can be according to evidence.


  • Police culture comes from typical sense and mission of ‘brotherhood’.
  • Police culture has bred cynicism, racism and a ‘code of silence’
  • This essay shall explore effectation of police culture on authorities accountability.


Contention: Police culture is an impediment to authorities accountability.

Principal points: Police culture has bred cynicism, racism and a ‘code of silence’, into the detriment of integrity, morality as well as the legislation.

A variety of interior and controls that are external necessary to attain greater transparency and integrity.

Aim 1

Define police tradition.

Aim 1

Police tradition as defined by Chan.

Discuss problems with determining it.

Just just just How Chan’s meaning sets parameters because of this essay.

Aim 2

James and Warren outline the negative areas of authorities culture: ‘Code of silence’ and cynicism/pessimism into the police.

Aim 2

Topic sentence: ‘Code of silence’ is a component of authorities tradition which allows misconduct and corruption.

Proof (& analysis of evidence): Kelling et al. highlight particular results for this including: punishment of authority, brutality, abuse of force, bribery…

So how exactly does other studies to their view compare? Strengths/weaknesses?

Point 3

Smith and Reside (2010) say that discrimination and racism is element of authorities tradition.

Aim 3

Topic phrase: Police be cynical of the environment that is social be separated or detached as a result which feeds into police culture. This unintentionally impedes accountability them’ mentality, exercise of a higher degree of authority and force, and even racism and discrimination as it contributes to indifference, aggression, an ‘us and.

Point 4

Description for the separate systems that have now been founded to analyze and avoid corruption.

Aim 4

Topic phrase: The establishment of separate figures to analyze and avoid corruption and misconduct are on their own proof issues with police culture.

Evidence (& analysis of proof): Chan, 1999; UBAC, OPI. Strengths/weaknesses of separate figures. Just exactly How effective have actually they been? Compare different viewpoints.


Negative aspects of authorities culture impede authorities accountability.


Contention: Police culture is just one of the biggest hurdles to police accountability.

Wider importance: Both interior and outside legislation are had a need to protect the integrity of law custom writing org discount code enforcement in Australia

Variation 1:

  • Does not answer the essay concern within the introduction.
  • The contention is stated within the summary, but needs to be stated when you look at the introduction, after which developed for the entire essay.
  • Paragraphs describe particular theories/ideas but don’t analyse them or state the way they help respond to the essay concern.

Variation 2:

  • States the contention into the introduction.
  • Claims are presented as a result towards the essay concern (within the topic sentences), and are usually sustained by analysed evidence.
  • Conclusion sums up argument and reflects on implications.


There isn’t any set dependence on the quantity of paragraphs in a essay. The important things is the fact that argument is logically developed through a number of well-structured paragraphs.